Yarns: the group specialises in 30’s, 40’s and 20’s count both in singles and doubles in polyester / viscose blends and in 100% cotton yarn of 30’s and 40’s count suitable for both knitting and weaving. All put together to achieve 12 million kgs of yarn annually.

Woven fabrics: the group makes 20 million meters annually of a range of fabrics in cotton and polyester / viscose blends:

A) Yarn dyed Shirting and Suitings: is amongst the biggest suppliers of yarn dyed shirting and suitings to the garment industry. With a range of designs, yarn inventory of huge range of colors, and good versatility with slubs, structures, dobbies, prints, etc. And also designs with various fibers, like lycra, nylon, viscose, etc.

B) Linen: the group makes a range of linen fabric for shirting and bottom wear both in yarn dyed and fabric dyed in linen and cotton-linen.

C) 100% Cotton bottom weights: the group make 100% cotton bottom weight fabrics in various counts ranging from 80’s to 10’s in twills, satins, plain weave, oxford weave, structures, dobbies, with and without lycra in various finishes including functional finishes. Recently the group has started to produce fabric from organic cotton as well.

D) Polyester / Viscose Blended: the group make a range of fabric in polyester / viscose blended both in yarn dyed suitings and shirtings in a range of designs, in various weaves and weights suitable for corporate wear and institutional wear. The fabric is available on various functional finished also.

Circular Knitted Fabric: the group make 3 million kgs of knitted fabric annually the products comprise 100%cotton sinker and interlock in various gsm with plain and stripes,100%polyester ,poly-cotton knits, lycra knits fabric, fleece, terry in greige and finish suitable for innerwear, t-shirts and other workwear apparels